A Whole New World

Paris, Paris, where do I even continue?

If you haven’t already been informed, I should tell you that my computer broke a short time into my month abroad. One cup of piping hot Parisian coffee was all it took to murder the poor innocent laptop. With that being said, my posts are spead out and my posts are short, simply because typing on an iPad is just as difficult as it sounds.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Amsterdam – the most beautiful place I have ever been. Below are just a few moments that I captured from the weekend. The trip was short and sadly there were not many times I stopped to take a photograph simply because it was so beautiful so I marveled at the sights and forgot to capture them.





July 14 was also Bastille Day, the French Independence Day. Our group enjoyed a lovely picnic in the Jardin Du Luxenbourg and that night was the fireworks near the beautiful Eiffel Tower.


As you can see, we have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Shakespeare and Company, Musée de Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and Montmartre all in a short time. 

Shakespeare and Company is one of the coolest places I got to visit. It used to be a gathering place for famous writers such as Hemingway and James Joyce, and now sells numerous works by these authors and others.



The Louvre- home of the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the coolest basement you’ll ever see.




And, last but not least, Montmartre… Here lies Sacre Couer and the largest mount in Paris. It’s a town full of character, street art, and years upon years of history waiting to be unveiled.






You can see pictures from the visits to other locations shortly… (I promise it won’t take me this long!). This is all for now simply because blogging has become more difficult than ever imagined. I cannot wait to be back and able to type on a keyboard made of keys.

Au revoir! 


The Parisian Way

It is no secret that Parisian people are viewed in a negative and hostile way. “They don’t like Americans” is a phrase I hear out of someone’s mouth every time I bring up the great city. Then again, this phrase usually comes from Americans.

Parisians like to do what they want, when they want, and if you get in the way of that chances are you won’t get a smile in return. Sure, that’s a bit hostile, but you know what? We as Americans do the same thing.

This week was filled with hours upon hours of classes and in my spare time, a lot of crèpe eating.

In any other part of the world that sounds like a drag, but remember, I’m in~Paris~.

In Paris, you can go to the Eiffel Tower whenever you want…


And you can go to the Opera Garnier at any time you please. This is the home of the phantom of the opera and is one of the most well known opera houses in the world.




It means that you can go shopping at Gallery Lafayette whenever and wherever you want…


And it means you can take a day trip out of town to Chartres, home of one of the most beautiful gothic ancient cathedrals in the entire world… And while you’re at it, you get to enjoy the view overlooking the small European town.








If you hadn’t noticed, I had the privileged of doing all of these amazing events this week. I was not harassed, I was not treated badly, and overall every interaction I had with a Parisian was more than satisfactory.

So, why the bad wrap?

I’m going to go ahead and counteract the normal statement about the French I stated in my opening, because if they were so mean and hostile, would I have had these amazing opportunities this week? Would I feel safe living in this country for as long as I am?

Parisians are more reserved than we are as Americans, but I would say the criticism should stop there.

To finish the recap on my week, it also rained.  A lot.  It rains in the morning, it rains at night and it rains when it’s about 60 degree outside. In fact, as I write this I can hear the rain outside falling to the ground. After all of the wet walks and fallen raindrops I’ve come to the conclusion that Paris is just as beautiful in the rain.


There is no doubt about it.

Paris is the Best Idea

This week I traveled to the land of crepes, no conditioner, and more types of cheese than I was ever taught to count. I have trouble putting into words what I’m doing in Paris, but I can say one thing- J’adore Paris.

Paris is historical, cultural, and chic all wrapped up in 20 arrondissements full of pastry shops on every corner. What I have found most recently is the endless amount of possibilities for absolutely anything. In America we are so closed off and we have a set routine to our lives. We go to the same restaurants, talk to the same people, avoid the same places, and do the same thing every.single.day. Aren’t you over it yet?

I’m currently taking intensive French classes 21 hours a week in a classroom with people from all over the world at the Institute Catholique, or the Catholic Institute of Paris.

(A photo of ICP from across the street)

It is located near the Jardin du Luxenbourg where we can spend our lunch breaks eating sandwiches the size of our heads like the one below.

My favorite part of the trip so far is my selfies with landmarks as I caption them with #selfie. While I’ve only been here for a short time my collection includes places like Notre Dame, the Eiffle Tower, the Olympia Theatre, and the Arc de Triomphe.


Then, the next day, two other girls from my program and I met up with my little sister from my sorority at FSU, Tori, and we went and saw Jack Johnson at the coolest theatre in Paris, Olympia.

 (#selfie with Olympia Theatre)





Friday night, to celebrate the 4th of July, we went on a river cruise down the Seine River. Here we were able to see the Louvre, the Eiffle Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and numerous other sights while enjoying our ~free~ and never ending glasses of wine.

(here is a #selfie with the Louvre!)


Last but not least, yesterday we spent our Saturday exploring the city and shopping at the Champs Elysees and at night we saw the Eiffle Tower do its hourly light show from some of the best seats in the city.

Also, on the Champs you can rent cars…. sport cars for one flat inexpensive rate. In Paris with a significant other and don’t have a nice car to pick her up in? No problem.


There is a  lot more to come and more frequently, I promise! The first week was a whirlwind of new learning experiences and Paris is more phenomenal that I could have imagined. Au revoir mes amis.

Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


A few weeks ago I brought to you the inside scoop and a sneak peak of the Beery/Calvert wedding at my moms bridal shower. My mom was the “bride-to-be” at that time, but now she can be classified as something else- “newlywed”.

This affair to remember was held at noon at the Grant Bly House in Deland, Florida. Below you will see this house has 2 parts to it- one with a wrap around southern style front porch, and the other a hall where the ceremony and reception were both held. In between the two portions of the day, guests were found enjoying one of “Macks Snacks”, popcorn, and playing the old fashion tailgate game, Corn hole. I snuck a few pictures of the little girl playing corn hole with the boys. She was picking up all the bags by herself, running around the lawn, and showing all the guests how we do weddings down here. DSCN2883







My brother, Kyle, walked my mom down the aisle and my moms sister and brother-in-law made the cupcakes for the reception, which were a mix of regular and sugar free.





As for me, I was unaccompanied to the ceremony. However, I participated in a little thing we like to call “Summer in Lilly” as I donned my 3/4 sleeve blue Lilly Pulitzer ensemble (and did my best to take as many blog-y pics as possible).




My favorite part? Each guest had their own take home glass. In order to keep them all straight, however, each guest wrote his or her name on it in a pen. This way each guest that day had something personal from the wedding (and something they can utilize!).



As you can see, while this holy matrimony was somewhat traditional at the same time it was not. The guest book was a large “C” emblem that the Calverts would take home and be able to display in their house. Similarly to the glasses, each guest wrote on this also with a pen, leaving a little note for the newlyweds, or just their name. This allows them to remember all those who shared their special day with them, and helps to redecorate (and we call this killing two birds with one stone).


My mom made the bouquet herself and entwined within it was a necklace given to her by her new husbands family. The flowers (whose inspiration came from yours truly) were roses, hydrangeas, babies breath, and her favorite, daisies.


Below you will find many other pictures, from the ceremony, the walk out, the reception, or even the sign I painted as Mom and Macks wedding gift.















This wedding brought tradition back with a southern feel in a color palate we couldn’t help but adore. The words “happily ever after” donned many different parts of the wedding and reception, something that I think this day embodied perfectly.

Life Throws You Curves, but You Learn to Swerve


I’ve always had this crazy idea that life is simpler in summer. You know, those days you are dreaming of when you don’t wear anything but a bathing suit and don’t drink anything but pina coladas. Those days are what I’m always dreaming of and they have yet to happen.

I think summer is mean, personally. It always promises such great memories and a vast amount of free time, both of which never actually happen for me at least. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming home to my beach town in the summer. But, I won’t lie to you when I say it’s mainly for the beach. My point here is that my summer has been overwhelming and that is not quite the way it is supposed to be. (Side note: the pictures on this post was from my paddle boarding adventure last week).


I’ve been slacking in the blog, friendship, and basically every area of my life that doesn’t involve work and studying because yesterday I (finally) took the ~GRE~. It’s time to take a few days, catch up on my mental to-do lists and get my life together. It’s just so unpredictable most of the time and the times that we know whats coming simply overwhelm us. Maybe I just have too much going on.”Whats next?”, I’m sure you were wondering.

PARIS. Oh, and the wedding of course.

Get ready for a fun filled, blog filled, european traveling, down-home southern wedding, and all in all one eventful weekend.

Coming your way this sunday. (Sometimes I like to rhyme?)



Eat, Pray, Graphics

I don’t know why, but graphic tees made their comeback, which means you should have kept that tee your mom gave you in the 6th grade with Scooby Doo on it- it could have came in handy a decade later. The most popular ones aren’t your normal graphics, however, and some of the styles and prints will have racing to add multiple to your wardrobe.

There are thousands, and I mean thousands, of graphic tees and tanks out there. Some with words, some with animals, food, landscapes- you name it, you can buy it. So, where to start?

Below are just a few of my ~personal favorites~.

I’m all about old school band t-shirts (probably because of the cool old school records my dad just passed down to me). This one is from Urban and while I don’t support who they are because of their “Eat Less” controversy over a year ago, I cannot deny their style of the best ~and most affordable~ graphics around.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.00.07 AM

Get it here.

America the beautiful.Home of the free and land of the screen print tank top. This graphic tank is from Tobi and features an American flag on it, because we all know how much I love ‘Merica and I could not resist showing it once again.

Be festive here.

Who doesn’t love fruit on their clothing? Thank you, Brandy Melville for never ceasing to impress your buyers with innovation and affordability. I salute you.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.04.15 AM

Eat it here.

Number 4 is a Wildfox tee I found adoring at Nodstrom. This heather grey tank is complete with two birds, because two is better than one.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.09.25 AM

Buy two here.

Rounding out the list is a tee that is truly one of a kind. I honestly could not end the voyage without putting Biggie on this list, complete with hand drawn mustache and all in this scoop neck cap sleeved number.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.12.36 AM

Adore it here.

So simple, yet such a statement. Grab one, two, or five, as this summer essential is one of the easiest things to style this season. Hop on the graphic train and show a little personality with every casual afternoon you can manage.

Wedding Fever


About two weeks ago two of my best friends said “yes” to the loves of their lives, and within the next year I will be a guest at both of their weddings. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call “wedding season”. There is baby season, when you can’t help but notice everyone is pregnant. Avoiding babies on your timeline is virtually impossible. Then, there is puppy season. The good lord knows this is my favorite and my least favorite all in one. The intense jealousy that overcomes me when everyone around me is getting a puppy is completely unnatural. However, the bright side is I normally get to play with one, two, or three of those puppies, without all the work.

You win some, you lose some.

In a little over two weeks, my mom will be tying the knot. Last weekend, her best friend, sister, and I hosted her bridal shower. Here are a few photos from the event. It wasn’t too bad for my first time at the rodeo.

This shower was complete with chocolate rolo cupcakes topped with a caramel frosting, cute goodie “boxes” with daisy seeds in them, potted daisy centerpieces, my super (almost) famous homemade punch recipe, and my aunts delicious seven layer salad and chicken salad sliders.

I wore a coral romper from H&M (trying to stay in the bright color theme!) paired with a J.Crew Cardigan, statement necklace from Loli and the Bean (a tallahassee boutique) and Steve Madden sandals. We had a “gift card” shower because this will be her second wedding (and who needs three toasters?).

P.S. stay tuned for a complete wedding post after the big day!